Mini Car Speaker

Mini Car Speaker


Mini Car Speakers are the craze now for all the kids and adults.  These Speakers will make a party and make you the hit of any party when you walk in the door.

Mini Car Speaker

Mini Car Speakers are great for people that love to show what they got.

Mini Car Speakers for:

USB Music Stick





Ipod Nano



These come with a digital readout on the top and a Antenna for the AM/FM radio. You will see all kinds of speakers in the stores for your music players and I am sure the work great. The sound from these cars is not only great quality … But you get a cool looking speaker. When you are not using the speaker you can leave it out for people to see as it looks like a model car.

Traveling around you may have noticed many of the kids have their music with them all the time. When they get together with their friends they all try to listen to the music but with a small or large group of friends it takes more volume than a small phone or player can handle. These speakers will do the trick.

Also I must point out that with many of the MP3 players, iPod and itouch there is no speaker. Having more than one person in your group that wants to hear the music means that you must have a speaker to share your tunes. Mini Car Speakers are a great addition to any teens back pack for school and just for running around town with all his or her friends. This light weight Mini Car Speaker will make you or your teen have the music at the volume everyone can enjoy.

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